Monday, July 31, 2017

The (NEW) Mustard Seed Song

(Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52)

Heaven’s like a little mustard seed
            You planted in the field,
It grows up from a tiny shrub
            To the tree with the greatest yield.
The birds and squirrels
            They make their nest
The boys and girls
            Have a place to rest
A tree to climb where all are blessed
All from a little mustard seed

Heaven’s like a little pinch of yeast
            You add to your recipe
Of all the parts it is the least
            But it makes the rest complete
Your bread will rise
            When you bake your loaf
Before your eyes
            God gives the growth
Taste and see how good it goes
All with a little pinch of yeast

Heaven’s like a little treasure box
            You bury in the dirt
You buy the whole entire lot
            Cause you know what it’s worth.
You dance with glee
            When the treasure’s yours
The box, contents,
            And the whole outdoors,
When heaven reigns it surely pours,
What’s in your little treasure box?

Heaven’s like a little shiny pearl
            That sits in the jewelry store
Of all the things in all the world
            You’ve never seen it’s like before
So you sell your house
            To buy that jewel
The world thinks you’re
            A perfect fool
But none of them owns such a cool
Perfect little shiny pearl.

Heaven’s like a great big net of fish
            You pull up from the sea
They’re caught and cleaned and sorted out
            Like God caught you and me
You may be prone
            To worry, but
You and I
            Will make the cut
Cause we’ve been washed in Jesus’ blood
Caught in God’s big net of fish.

Heaven’s like a bunch of wondrous things
            We see from day to day
And yet we wonder what God means,
            And what He’s trying to say.
The master brings
            The new and old
And gives them to
            The whole household
The love of God is truly told
When we share God’s wondrous things!

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