Saturday, January 8, 2011

from January newsletter

All around us they are digging, dumping, paving and rolling. We pass within inches of orange barrels and construction workers. It’s all a little hectic, a little confusing, and with all that traffic, more than a little dangerous.
This is why your council has decided to hire some assistance from the Pasco Sheriff’s Department in helping us move traffic in and out on Sunday mornings. The deputies will be there to make sure people keep alert as they exit and enter church property each week, at least until construction is over. At that point, State Road 54 will be a divided highway with a median out in front of the church and no opportunity for a left turn. We are recommending everyone get used to turning right as you exit. For those who live east of the church, find a place you can turn around comfortably (such as making a left turn into Brookside). Take it easy, be careful out there, and have a safe and happy New Year!

Pastor Scott